Snappy, smooth jazzy ham song: “Bottom Cycle Blues”

Blind American singer-songwriter & guitarist Raul Midón er også lidenskapelig radioamatør og har kallesignal AE3RM.

Her er hans sang om bunnen av 11-års solflekksyklusen, “Bottom cycle blues”.

Switched on my radio I heard nothing but noise
Spent all this money on all these toys
My tower is high so my signal you should not lose
But when the numbers are low I get the bottom of the cycle blues

With signals so weak there’s still a lot to do
You can jump right into digital, so much that is new
PSK, FT8, computers work each other while you snooze
All this working without talking
gives me the bottom of the cycle blues

And when the grid goes down I will be there
And when there’s no one else around
I can be found on the air
passing messages via the sun
And I’m still having fun
after all of these years

This is my song about the hobby of ham
I’ve taken up your time with my freaky jam
If you hear my CQ you can give me a call if you choose
We can talk about the weather or the bottom of the cycle blues

“After singing backup vocals for stars like Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, Midon released his major-label solo debut, State of Mind, with help from guest artist Jason Mraz.

Midon’s innovative songwriting incorporates his lyrics, guitar handiwork (jazz, classical, flamenco, R&B) and “vocal trumpet” improvisation. Though he draws comparisons to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Richie Havens, Midon is the rare original in an industry of few.

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“In 2017 I implemented Remote Rig, giving me full control of my rotator, amplifier, and transceiver. As a working musician I travel much of the year, and this keeps me on the radio wherever I am.

Also, when the audio leaks through to my home tv speakers, it gives my wife a feeling of comfort – knowing I’m out there.”

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